Hare We are Tecching how to sew sequins in Clothes. We are also selling colorful and glittery sequins online at wholesale prices. You can find a beautiful range of sequins in lovely colors and finish. Visit now embroiderymaterial.com for more details. Hello everyone, In this article, we will learn the simplest way to attach the sequins to any fabric. Sequins are really beautiful and can be easily used for embellishment of any dress. Before we start with the steps on how to stitch sequins let me just tell you the place where you can buy the best quality sequins online. Where to buy Silver Sequins & Gold Sequins Material Online? Sequins can transform any design and make it look much more beautiful and stylish. I love adding sequins in my designs especially silver sequins and gold sequins Online as they are splashy and gives a shiny-yet-classy look. You can buy colorful sequins online at embroiderymaterial.com. You can also find sequins in various beautiful shapes and you will definitely find the shape in the sequins that will perfectly match your requirement. So, now let’s explore the material you will need and the steps that you need to follow to make your designs fascinating. Material Required: Sequins (preferably flat sequins) Needle Thread Fabric Cutter Steps: Step 1: Pass the thread through the needle and cut the required length of thread. Step 2: Tie a knot at the end of the thread. Step 3: Pass the needle through the fabric where you want to sew the sequin. Step 4: Pass the needle through the hole of the sequin. Step 5: Now, pass the thread to at the edge of the sequin to make the first stitch. (This stitch itself won’t keep your sequin in place so you will have to make two or three stitches to keep the sequin in place.) Step 6: Again, pass the thread upwards through the Centre of the sequins. Step 7: Now, pass the thread at the opposite edge of the sequins. Step 8: You can now make as many stitches as you want on the same sequins. SimilarlyArticle Search, sew more and more sequins and your dress will have a brand-new look. Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR Embroidery Material is selling Online Lace, Tool & Embroidery Laces online, Here we are wholesale Supplier for Beading Supplies.

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